Leo Zaza was born in a hamlet near Mount Nemrut, Adıyaman in SE Turkey.  He spent his early days working on his family's farm and as a Shepherd for the local villagers.  His studies were given in a one room school house and combined with daily trips to the fountain retrieving water.  As a child, Leo enjoyed music, dancing and playing street games.  Strong family values and the "Zaza" culture were very much a part of Leo's upbringing.  He cherished his village childhood, but hoped for a better education that could come from city life.  At the age of 12, Leo had caught a Keklik bird (Partridge) from the wild.  Using the proceeds from the sale of the bird to a local hunstman, Leo decided to spread his wings and move to Istanbul.

   Leo thrived in Istanbul but began to have a dream to study theater and film acting in the United States.  
By late 2009, Leo had spread his wings again and moved to New York CIty.  He purchased a Rickshaw-Pedicab, began learning English, and started improvisation classes at The Magnet Theater.  Before long, Leo decided to join the New York Film Academy where he studied Acting.  After two years, Leo decided to move to Hollywood.  In early 2012, Leo had joined the Conservatory Program at The Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre in Hollywood.  He has extended his training to working with Coach Snyder's Theater Lab and Ivana Chubbuck.

   Leo also began training in Martial Arts specializing in the art of Serrada Stick Fighting under the tutor-ledge of Grand Master Guru kali Khan.  He became a certified Master in the summer of 2014.

Theatre credits include "Fathers Day" (Dir Milton Justice).  "Vampire Masquerade" (Dir Chris Berube).  Recent film credits include "Devil Dogs" (Dir Laura Cross).  "Incision" (Dir Tekin Girgin).  "Justice" (Dir Michael Swinehart).  "Angels" (Dir James Brown). "Caterpillars Kimono" (Dir Bailey Kobe).  "Warrior and the Savior" (Dir Salvatore Sorrentino).  "Machsom" (Dir Joel Novoa).

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